What others have said about this workshop

“Dr. Hinson’s Trouble-free Playground workshop was filled with practical, helpful tools that changed our playground. We used to have competition that turned to anger as too many students were playing games they didn’t understand. Now we have appropriate games in which everyone can compete at their own level. There is something for everyone and no more tears! I am glad we have incorporated this program, which helps support the social-emotional growth of our students.”

Dr. Rebecca DeWald, Principal

Pierce Elementary School

Cedar Rapids IA


“Thank you for giving such an invigorating presentation on changing the way we look at recess. My teachers were very impressed and I even heard comments such as ‘This is the best use of in-service time I’ve had in a long time.’ That speaks volumes.”

Nancy Branch, Principal

Kyrene del Milenio School

Phoenix AZ

“Our teachers were raving about this workshop. They say it’s the best they’ve ever attended.”

Phyllis Brown, Principal

Viola School

Suffern NY

“Being an elementary school principal, my eyes have been opened…BRAVO!”

Hector Sanchez, Principal

Bayomon School

Bayomon, Puerto Rico

“The workshop was one of the best I’ve attended in years. Your energy is contagious and I would recommend this workshop to everyone who has an interest in changing children’s attitudes. I believe your 6-Steps to a Trouble-free Playground can affect real and meaningful change.”

Marie Zebraski

Mother of Divine Providence School

King of Prussia PA

“I am thankful to have found you. You are a person who makes a difference in the world.”

Robbye Hamburgh, Principal

Emily Dickinson School

Bozeman MT