Dr. Recess Fun & Games Corporate Event Program

Welcome to the Dr. Recess Fun & Games Corporate Event Program...a new and exciting way to energize your employees, your company or your corporate event.

What is the Dr. Recess Fun & Games Corporate Event Program?

The Dr. Recess Fun & Games Corporate Event program is an on-site program designed around, well, fun and games obviously, to meet your needs.  Whether you’re having a company picnic and you need someone to engage the kids or you’re looking for a way to boost employee motivation and moral, we can create an event for you.  We can turn a mundane staff meeting into a hilarious, high-energy occasion with over-sized balls and wacky team-building missions.  Or, we help you create an unforgettable employee training session where problem-solving and decision-making take on a whole new dimension when employees have to use  hoola hoops and giant fish-shaped footballs to complete a task.  Our crazy, fun, mind-teasing games and activities will inspire your employees over and over.  The Dr. Recess Fun & Games Corporate Event program is just what your company needs to build morale, increase productivity, and make work a place where everyone can’t wait to get to…really, it could happen!

What can Dr. Recess do for you?

Company Picnics – We can provide games and activities for kids or employees who act like kids.

Staff Meetings – We can add fun games and activities to your staff meeting that will boost morale and motivation and make the mundane meeting a little less “boy this is a waste of time” and a little more “boy we should have more meetings like this!”

Holiday Parties – Why have everyone stand around and talk about how miserable they are that their in-laws are coming in for the holidays when you can get everyone moving, laughing and playing with super-sized inflatable balls…we’re talking 6-foot in diameter!

Product Launch – Nothing’s better than saying we have something new and we’re so excited about it we want you to play with it.

Client/Customer Appreciation – Those people that pay you, yes, your customers and clients, they like to have fun too.  Why not invite them to a company event that makes them laugh, smile and feel all fuzzy and warm inside?  We can make that happen.

Employee Recess – This is our favorite!  We love to just come into your place of work and give your employees a little break where they get to interact with each other in a fun, caring environment using crazy props and engaging activities.  Everyone enjoys an ordinary break now and then…a Dr. Recess break makes it EXTRAORDINARY!

Staff Trainings – Ok, so you need to train everyone on a new product or new policy…and you’re expecting them to sit through several hours of you standing up there talking them through 64 Power Point slides.  Wow, that’s going to go over really well.  How about letting Dr. Recess show up and turn that training into a mind-busting, enthusiastic session complete with team-building games and activities?  Honestly, no one wants to see your 64 slide presentation…they just aren’t going to tell you to your face.

Wellness Program – It’s a known fact…active, healthy employees are more productive and cost business less than inactive, unhealthy employees.  So, why not implement a Wellness Program in your office?  Dr. Recess can help train your employees in regards to health, fitness, nutrition and more, plus we’ll get them up, moving and motivated to improve their overall wellness.  

Who is the Dr. Recess Fun & Games Corporate Event program for?

Any company, small or large…we can tailor a fun, active program for you.

How does it work?

You tell us about you and what your goals are and we provide a no-cost, no obligation proposal of how we can help you.  Whether you want to motivate employees; create a fun, creative environment in your workplace; or just do something crazy and different for a few minutes…we can help you.  We provide programs for just a few minutes up to all day long.

Why participate?

Ok, so you’ve heard of Google, right?  I know dumb question.  We’ll they’re not one of our clients (they should be though), but they are a very successful company.  Part of their success is due to their corporate culture.  Corporate culture is something that can make or break a company.  Dr. Recess can help you create a fun, creative and energetic environment in your workplace that helps boost employee morale, motivation and productivity.  And, it’s really all just a bunch of fun and games!

What are the benefits of the program?

  • Increased employee morale and motivation
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Improved company work environment
  • Improved company culture
  • Increased employee health and wellness
  • Decrease in employee stress
  • Increased team-building and rapport among employees
  • Happy, engaged workplace

Does our company have to provide anything?

No. The Dr. Recess instructor will show up with all the equipment necessary to make your event a success.

How many people can participate?

We can do programs for any size group. 

How much does it cost?

To bring the Dr. Recess Fun & Games Event program to your office or workplace the price varies depending on the time frame and type of event.  We will gladly give you a no-obligation price quote up-front based on the type of program you want.

How do I arrange for a Dr. Recess Fun & Games Corporate Event at my workplace?

Call us at 302-438-3257.  We’ll be happy to discuss your needs, as well as possible dates and times with you. And, if you have any questions, we’ll be glad to answer them for you as well.

Who created the Dr. Recess Fun & Games Corporate Event program?

The Dr. Recess Fun & Games Corporate Event Program was created by award-winning teacher and author, Curt Hinson, Ph.D.  For nearly two decades, Dr. Hinson has traveled around the country teaching fun games and activities to people of all ages.  As he visited schools, students began to refer to him as “Dr. Recess.”  The name stuck and today the Dr. Recess program has grown from schools to camps and now, to corporate events.

Curt Hinson, Ph.D., (also known as Doctor Recess) has been teaching for over 34 years.  He taught at the elementary school level for 16 years and at the college level for over 18 years.  He currently works as an educational consultant for PlayFit Education Inc., presenting staff-training workshops, instructional programs, and play events for school districts, camps and corporations.  In addition, he teaches in the on-line graduate program at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY and is an adjunct professor at Rowan University in New Jersey.  He holds a Ph.D. in Kinesiology from Temple University, a Masters of Education degree from Widener University, and a BS degree in Health & Physical Education from West Virginia Wesleyan College.

Dr. Hinson is the author of three books, Fitness for Children; Games Kids Should Play at Recess; and 6-Steps to a Trouble-free Playground.  In addition, he has published over 50 articles related to teaching and is the creator of the “Trouble-free Playground” recess program for elementary schools.

Dr. Hinson has made presentations in all 50 states, as well as in Washington, DC, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Mexico.  His practical, hands-on teaching techniques, along with his enthusiasm, make him one of the most dynamic educators in the country.  He was the 1992 National Association for Sport and Physical Education Eastern District Teacher of the Year and the 1991 Delaware PE Teacher of the Year.  He is a member of the Society of Health and Physical Educators of America (SHAPE America); the National Association for Sport and Physical Education; and the American Association for Physical Activity and Recreation.  Dr. Hinson has been featured in the Wall Street Journal; Disney’s Family Fun magazine; and on the Fox News Network.  His Trouble-free Playground program is currently being implemented in schools in all 50 states.