Keep Away

Equipment: 1 soft foam-type ball for every group of 5-8 players.

How to play: The players form a group of 5-8 people and stand in a circle. One of the players stands in the center of the circle. The circle players attempt to toss the ball around or through the circle without the center player touching it. The player in the center tries to get out of the center of the circle and make another player take his/her place. There are three ways for the center player to get out of the circle:

  1. Tag a circle player who has possession of the ball. The tagged player goes into the center.
  2. Get the ball when it is tossed around the circle. If the center player touches the ball, catches the ball, or knocks it away, the last player on the circle to have touched the ball goes into the center.
  3. Take a circle player’s spot on the circle. If a circle player leaves the circle to chase the ball, the center player can go over and stand in the circle player’s spot and that circle player now goes into the center.